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DJ Brownskin’s father in law breaks his silence

DJ Brownskin’s wife, the late Sharon Njeri’s father has broken his silence in the controversial death surrounding his daughter.

In a viral video, Mr Mwangi shared that he lost his daughter last year and the sudden emergence of the news surrounding the death of his daughter on social media has since become a thorn in the flesh.

Pleading that justice be accorded to his daughter, Mr Mwangi noted that he was never informed of the troubles surrounding her daughter’s marriage and was only called when things went south.

“I was at work and received a call informing me that she drank too many medicines. No one has ever told me what really happened,” he said.

Recalling that the two had a good marriage with them visiting him at his place in Kamulu, Mr Mwangi questioned why DJ Brownskin never recorded the video in which he claims he found Ms Njeri cheating on him.

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“You cannot take a video of someone you have sired with two children while they are dying. Even though they have erred to which extent. They are dying because of the love they have for you and the price is taking them a video?”

He added, “You took a deceased person to the hospital, not a sick one. You had the time to take video but not to save her life?”

Giving a hypothetical scenario Mr Mwangi asked, “If you find someone who has been knocked by a car and it has fled do you first record a video or rush the person to the hospital? You save life even though you do not know them.”

Over the weekend, a video of Ms Njeri who died on July 20th, 2022, leaked. In the seven-minute video, Ms Njeri is seen holding a cup and something to it before ingesting the mixture.

She is then seen giving her final instructions stating that she would die and urging DJ Brownskin to take care of their children.

The situation quickly moves from bad to worse as Ms Njeri gets weak with saliva finding its way out of her mouth as she tells DJ Brownskin, who was filming the moments while lying on a couch, to take care of their kids.

Their children make their way to the room only to find their mother writhing and wailing in pain and the DJ tells one of their children to give their mother milk still with his camera in his hand.

A voice believed to be that of the DJ is heard saying, “Give her milk she has taken too many drugs.”

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