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Ugandan based Swedish journalist prefers Nairobi over ‘boring’ Kampala

Sofi Lundin, a Swedish independent journalist and photographer who has been based in Uganda for the past six years, complained earlier this week of how boring Uganda is and attracted a section of Ugandans who came to the defense of their country.

This was after Ms Lundin compared it to Kenya.

“It is actually a tragedy that there is nothing to do in Kampala apart from eating, drinking and smoking shisha. Do I really have to fly to Nairobi for fun activities? It is the closest fun destination from here. I am soon a weekend commuter” said Ms Lundin.

She went on, “And this is also a hint to entrepreneurs or investors. There is a huge gap in the market when it comes to activities/playing grounds/adventure parks etc.”

Ugandans flooded her tweets, listing off a number of locations she could visit but she turned them down one by one with various reasons. Apparently, she wasn’t allowed in to the Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort & Spa to play golf because her dress code was not up to the facility’s standards, found boat rides from Ggaba to the islands and peninsulas fun only once a year but not on a regular basis and couldn’t ride the horses at Speke Resort because she found the horses too malnourished to be enjoyed.

She went on to list the things she is looking for as, “Bowling, paintball, escape room (or other fun social games) art and culture activities like photo exhibitions, theater, art centers. (Uganda has so much talent but where is it displayed?) Nice playgrounds for kids.”

“Hey Sofi, kindly list 10 activities that are in Nairobi and not in Kampala, I want to rethink where I should invest thank you,” said Nkundwa Mukama to which Ms Lundin responded by saying, “I think I dare to say that Nairobi has at last 5 malls (if not 10) where there are activities for children like playgrounds, adventure centers etc. In addition, there are amusement parks, galleries, a variety of museums, green public areas, bowling places, escape rooms etc.”

Ugandans continued to list off the following as the fun activities that can be found within their borders: Golf, tennis, bowling, paintball shooting, gun Shooting and go-Karting. Others claimed that Ms Lundin simply did not have the budget to enjoy what Uganda offered.
“Unless if your budget only caters for drinking, smoking and eating, I think there’s a lot to do for fun here,” defended Faiza Fabz.
“Guess you’ll need to also know that Uganda isn’t just Kampala so try going out of the city,” said Delah Muteso.
“You know it would be safer to inquire activities than jump to this kind of hopeless conclusion. Ugandans are ever happy and dramatic but they is a lot more to it and the people,” castigated Joan Aleni.

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