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Wahu recounts two ‘terrible’ pregnancy losses

Celebrated singer Wahu Kagwi has shared her personal experiences with pregnancy loss and the eventual triumph of embracing motherhood for a third time, culminating in the birth of her youngest daughter, Shiru.

In a candid social media post, the mother of three delved into her emotional journey, shedding light on the struggles she faced with pregnancy loss and the challenges of fertility.

The singer’s post included two photos, symbolizing the transformation she underwent both emotionally and in her journey to motherhood.

The first photo, posted in May 2018, was accompanied by a caption alluding to a “terrible” event that had occurred that week.

Though she wasn’t ready to speak about it at the time, Wahu aimed to provide encouragement to those navigating difficult times.

In the post, she revealed she had experienced the loss of a pregnancy during that particular week, the second such loss that year.

“You see, earlier that week, I had lost a pregnancy. This was the 2nd pregnancy I had lost, with the 1st one being earlier that same year,” she recounted.

The singer poignantly shared her pain and heartache, emphasizing the profound impact that pregnancy loss had on her emotional well-being.

She described the anguish of hearing a heartbeat, feeling the subtle signs of pregnancy, only to be met with the devastating news that the pregnancy had ended.

Wahu recounted the challenges she faced in subsequent years, including medical advice that indicated natural conception might be highly improbable.

Despite these difficulties, she chose not to pursue medical interventions, entrusting her fate to the timing of a higher power.

As the years passed, Wahu expressed her attempts to reconcile with the possibility of not becoming a mother of three, emphasizing her efforts to focus on gratitude and the blessings she already possessed.

However, her perspective shifted once again when she posted an update in February 2022, sharing her journey of acceptance and gratitude.

“2018 came and went….2019, 2020…2021 still nothing. I was now forced to try to make peace with my lot….it wasn’t going to happen and in Feb 2022, I posted the post on the right. This was my way of trying to “let go” of my dream of being a mum of 3. It was my way of beginning my gratitude journey… you know, focus on what I have, and not what I don’t.”

Unexpectedly, shortly after posting her message of letting go of her desire for a third child, Wahu found herself on the path to motherhood once more.

This time, she experienced a mix of joy and anxiety as she embraced the pregnancy journey that led to the birth of her daughter, Shiru.

“I’m not sure how long after this I conceived because it was the last thing on my mind. Oh, the joy…and also the fear…the happiness and also the anxiety that came with the news. But surely and steadily, Shiru and I progressed along the pregnancy journey. And here we are now, with a cute little 10month old who’s brought so much joy and happiness to our home.”

In her touching message, Wahu reached out to individuals who may be grappling with fertility challenges, offering words of encouragement and hope.

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