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Why Bensoul is parting ways with Sauti Sol

After two years of being part of Sol Generation, singer Bensoul has announced that he is preparing to leave the record label. Bensoul revealed that his contract is almost up and his departure is imminent.

He compared his situation to that of a lion nursing its cubs and eventually allowing them to venture out on their own. In the jungle, some cubs succeed while others fail.

“I’m the jungle male cub when they get to a certain age, they are chased away from their pride and have to fend for themselves. When they are chased away, some make it others die in the wilderness,” he said.

He expressed gratitude for the career empire that Sol Generation has built for him, calling it a beautiful thing. Bensoul joined Sol Generation in 2019 when Sauti Sol launched the record label.

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“It’s a beautiful thing. We’ve been with them and built such a beautiful empire.” BenSoul joined Sol Generation in 2019 when Sauti Sol officially launched the record label.

Since then, he has been an integral part of the label and has worked on several projects that have elevated his career to new heights.

The up-and-coming artistes at the time, have gone on to establish themselves as marketable artists in the Kenyan music industry becoming one of the most sought-after entertainers.

In a past interview, Sauti Sol’s vocalist Bien Aime Baraza said Bensoul Nviiri The Storyteller was among the easiest to work with of the artists signed under Sol Generation since its establishment.

“They are the most hardworking and easiest artists to work with, they have been holding me up as well. As a label, we have had our challenges, especially during the recession period but things are looking good for them right now. They are always booked all weekend so I hardly get time to see them,” Bien said.

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