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Why Diana Marua disappeared from social media for a month

By Winnie Mabel October 28th, 2022 2 min read

On October 27, 2022, influencer and rapper Diana Marua Bahati took to Instagram to reveal the number of things she had been unable to do since getting pregnant with her third child, a girl.

She is yet to deliver and is currently counting down the days to do so.

In her post, Marua said she was extremely tired and even then, using that word to describe her pregnancy was an understatement.

“I’ve missed going out to work. I feel like I’m not contributing to anything in the house. I just sit, eat, drink, sleep and the cycle continues,” she said, ending the sentiment with a sad face emoji.

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Diana Marua and Bahati1
Diana Marua and Bahati

She also thanked her husband, singer Kevin Kioko popularly known as Bahati, for “doing everything that you can to make me and the kids comfortable.”

She also told him to stop telling her to rest all the time because it annoyed her.

Earlier this week, Diana also revealed her mobility was limited due to swelling feet. She said this as she posted a video of her house manager massaging her feet and praised her for being a caring person.

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Diana Marua
Diana Marua

This left us wondering, had Diana Bahati experienced depression?

According to the Cleveland Clinic, pregnancy can cause a woman to become depressed. This is because her body is changing and the stresses of pregnancy can trigger depression in some people.

The clinic lists feelings of hopelessness or worthlessness- just as Diana expressed above- as some of the symptoms of depression.

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Diana’s feelings and medical issues, then, left us wondering if this was what bothered her so much that she disappeared from social media for a month in September 2022 and her husband told Nairobi News that Diana was not doing okay.

According to prior Nairobi News reports, Diana posted a photo of a dove flying in front of a black background with a heartbreaking caption that said, “Only in the darkness can you see the stars.” For a month, this was her last post and the comment section was disabled.

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Speaking to Nairobi News, Bahati confirmed that Diana was not doing okay and was not at liberty to reveal what was happening to her. He also said they won’t be telling the public what is going on with his family.

Diana resurfaced a month later with another cryptic Instagram post, “…but honey, if you were not meant to dance in the rain, just know there is sun after the rain.”

She posted this as she held on to her bulging tummy amid speculation that all was not well with her pregnancy.

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