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Why Prince Mwiti is the most controversial Kenyan TikToker

By Janet Koech October 27th, 2022 2 min read

Kenyan Tiktoker Prince Mwiti is known for his catchphrase, “Four one one (411).”

When he says those words, the next thing tumbling out of his mouth is steaming hot gossip.

This tea he serves has seen him get in trouble numerous times. His TikToks always get over 10M views as he updates his die-hard fans on issues about trends and people.

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Most TikTokers who have a following and are influential have blocked Prince Mwiti.


♬ original sound – prince mwiti

His content is already controversial by nature, and if you are in the limelight, especially for celebrities, be sure to get your issues discussed on 411 by Prince Mwiti’s followers.

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Mwiti has had not-so-good encounters with several content creators on TikTok, and his account has been banned severally.

Most content creators can relate to this, including Mummie Francie, Mary Linda, Kinuthia, Queen Paloma, and other competing celebrities.



♬ original sound – LifeOfPrinceMwiti

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Controversies can either be positive or negative. Well, Mwiti is mostly known for negative content.

At one point, he was branded a cyber-bully by MC Wakili after receiving complaints from fellow TikTokers who said he was a pain in the neck.

In earlier reports by Nairobi News, he was mostly accused of reporting other TikTok accounts and having them shut down by the app.

He has weaponised his followers, whom he encourages to go on reporting sprees on the accounts before they are shut down.

He has formed a WhatsApp group community for his followers.

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Imagine having an account with over a million followers that you have worked so hard to achieve, and one day someone wakes up and decides to tamper with it.

No one can relate to this more than Mummie Francie, a famous TikToker and content creator who also accused Prince Mwiti of reporting her account severally to the extent she could not livestream on TikTok due to a ban.

He was once arrested for his actions after the Baba Bleso scandal.

Surprisingly even after his arrest, the controversial TikToker did not stop entertaining his fans with his 411 news updates.

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