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You cannot cage a hungry lion, Senator Olekina tells President Ruto

Senator Ledama Olekina of Narok County has expressed deep concern over the government’s handling of critical issues affecting the Kenyan population.

Speaking on Citizen TV, the senator voiced his frustration at what he termed as a lack of action and a disconnect between the government and the people it serves.

“The position taken by this administration should get every Kenyan worried. This is not about Azimio anymore. Raila did not go to the streets today,” Olekina said, alluding to the ongoing political standoff in the country.

“Kenyans are tired, and that is why they went to the streets to demonstrate. You cannot cage a hungry lion. People are tired, people are hungry, and they are desperate,” he said.

The vocal senator also spoke about the growing discontent among ordinary Kenyans who feel ignored by the government’s policies.

He criticized the administration’s failure to address pressing issues such as unemployment, poverty and food security, which have left citizens feeling neglected and marginalized.

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“I’m sick and tired of a dysfunctional system. I want us to practice what we preach; these people do not practice what they preach,” Olekina said.

The Senator also called for a more empathetic approach from those in positions of power, urging them to step out of their privileged positions and acknowledge the harsh realities faced by ordinary Kenyans.

He criticized the tendency of government officials to become disconnected from the daily struggles of the citizens they vowed to uplift.

“People must climb down from their ivory towers and face reality. You cannot sit pretty in State House and all these big offices and forget about the mama mbogas who you promised to change their lives,” he remarked in reference to the small-scale vegetable vendors who form a crucial part of Kenya’s informal economy.

Olekina’s sentiments resonated with many Kenyans who have grown increasingly disillusioned with the current administration’s ability to tackle the pressing issues affecting the nation.

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His call for action and accountability serves as a reminder that public servants must prioritize the needs of their constituents and strive to create meaningful change.

As citizens take to the streets to voice their frustration, it is now upon President William Ruto’s government to address the concerns raised and work towards alleviating the hardships faced by Kenyans on a daily basis.

On Wednesday, more than 600 people were arrested and detained at various police stations in Nairobi during the anti-government protests. Across the country, atleast seven people shot and killed by the police while dozens were injured during the day-long protests.

Property was also destroyed as some of the demonstrators turned violent in some areas where the protests happened.

Nairobi regional police commander Adamson Bungei said the arrests were made in various places in the city. He said those arrested will be prosecuted in court.

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