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Bien: My wife is the fittest person I know; I hate her workouts!

Bien-Aime Baraza of the Sauti Sol has a piece of advice to women as far as wellness is concerned. The vocalist is urging women to not shy away from lifting weight for fear of gaining muscles.

“There is a narrative that has women afraid of lifting weights, they feel like the weights are very masculine but that’s not the case. It’s difficult for women to gain muscles as men by lifting weights. The worst they can be from lifting weights is having a toned body. Now that’s a good thing,” Bien said during one of his gym sessions at Afro Fit.

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But even if that doesn’t make any sense, the bald man as he prefers to be called, insists that everybody should conform themselves to some type of workout.

“You can look for something else, you can pick a spot like I have just gone back to playing basketball that I hadn’t for years. Now I do that on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Just pick something that ignites your fire,” he said.

“My wife is a dancer, she wakes up in the morning and dances for an hour. I can’t finish Chiki’s (Chiki Kuruka) workout by the time I clock 40 minutes into her workouts, I just want to quit. I’m not sure I like her classes. She is the fittest human being I know because she is committed to that kind of workout and is consistent,” Bien added.

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Bien also warned of the tendencies of people working out just to show off on social media.

“I don’t think working out should be for aesthetics, do it for you, to improve your well-being as a person. We (Sauti Sol) don’t work out to go show off on stage. Well, even though its helps in our performances, this is something we have been doing for years for our wellness as individuals and family,” he said.

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