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Clout? Vera Sidika breaks from habit after public break up with Brown Mauzo

Socialite Vera Sidika’s alleged breakup with her husband, singer Brown Mauzo, has caused a stir online, with some of her fans alleging they are clout chasing.

The couple, who share two children together, Asia Brown and Ice Brown, have been a notable fixture on the social scene since they got together in August 2020.

However, it seems that their journey has taken a different path. Taking to Instagram, Mauzo penned a candid message addressing the split.

The singer also thanked fans for their unwavering support throughout their relationship.

The message has caused a split among Kenyans, with some speculating that it could be related to song promotion, brand partnerships, or events. This speculation arises from the observation that Vera’s past breakups typically exhibit certain patterns and behaviors that are notably absent in this particular instance.

Vera has dated Tanzanian Jimmy Chansa, Nigerian Yommy Johnson, and Kenyan RnB heartthrob Otile Brown. Those relationships all ended publicly, and it was not pretty.

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Here is a list of common patterns and behaviors that have been associated with Vera’s past breakups, none of which have been exhibited after the breakup with her hubby, Mauzo:

Public Announcements: Vera Sidika tends to make her relationship status public through social media posts and interviews. She often shares details about her relationships, both positive and negative, with her followers. In this instance, she has not responded to the public statement by Mauzo on their breakup.

Social Media Drama: Her breakups often involve dramatic posts on social media platforms. Vera mostly shares cryptic messages, emotional quotes, or direct statements related to the breakup that tend to target the ex.

Vera said that she ended her relationship with Jimmy because it was toxic.

“I walked out of my relationship coz I’m not gonna stay in a toxic one just to impress people like you. You can think whatever you like. At the end of the day, I’m the one who’ll face the bullsh*t, so I will eliminate what’s not good for me. If you like to say whatever, strangers on the internet will never let me tolerate bullsh*t from a man just to show the world that I’m still in a relationship. Hell nah. I will always put myself first. On God!!!” said Vera.

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Accusations and Revelations: In some instances, she has accused her ex-partners of various issues, including infidelity, dishonesty, or financial disagreements. These accusations can lead to heated online exchanges.

During her relationship with Otile Brown, Vera openly criticized his sexual performance and the size of his manhood.

“In-laws, I have a kind request. May you, pals, stop claiming that O.B mjulubeng (d*ck) made me sing, first of all, it’s small and should probably be called kijulubeng not mjulubeng. If you think I am lying, ask the girls he’s f*cked before. I was the one even teaching him how to f**ck and still never got it. It was a topic of discussion from time to time.”

Sidika further commented on Otile’s lackluster romantic abilities, stating he fell short of satisfying her needs.

“He claimed I’m a sex addict and would play with myself while he sleeping; what would you do if a man can’t satisfy you? No foreplay, no kisses. No touching. Just f**cks and cums in 10 seconds. Of course, you will play with yourself coz he left you hanging…nothing wrong in that.”

Personal Growth and Reflection: Vera Sidika often reflects on her personal growth and learning from her experiences following breakups. She may emphasize lessons learned and the importance of self-care.

Transformation and Reinvention: Vera is known for undergoing significant physical transformations, including cosmetic procedures. After breakups, she may choose to undergo further changes in her appearance, often sharing them with her followers.

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Business Ventures and Promotions: She tends to channel her energy into her businesses and endorsements. After a breakup, she may focus on promoting her beauty products, fashion lines, or other business ventures.

Positive Vibes and Motivation: Vera usually shares positive and self-empowerment messages alongside the breakup drama. She encourages her followers to stay strong, believe in themselves, and move forward.

Interviews: Vera has participated in Q and A interviews on her Instagram page, discussing her relationships and breakups and providing insights into her experiences, emotions, and perspectives on love and romance.

Friendship and Reconciliation Attempts: Vera has sometimes attempted to remain friends with her ex-partners or reconcile after a breakup. This can lead to a mix of reactions and opinions from her followers.

Just recently, she announced that she was unblocking her ex-lovers.

Shift of Focus: Following breakups, Vera Sidika often shifts her public focus to personal achievements, travels, and new projects. This serves as a way to demonstrate her independence and ability to move forward.

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