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DJ fatxo now wants findings of probe into Jeff Mwathi’s death revealed

Musician DJ Fatxo has formally requested the Directorate of Public Prosecutions (DPP) to release of the findings of investigations into the death of interior designer Jeff Mwathi.

The artiste, whose real name is Lawrence Njuguna, through his lawyer Duncan Okatch, said he has been greatly affected by unsubstantiated claims and allegations of how the deceased met his death.

“Our client has undeniably suffered severe repercussions due to baseless accusations, insinuations, and allegations surrounding the circumstances of the deceased’s demise. These unfounded claims, widely propagated and circulated, have unjustly implicated our client without any factual basis,” DJ Fatxo’s lawyer said in the latter addressed to the DPP.

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“This situation has persisted for an extended period, significantly affecting our client’s personal life and professional career in the music and entertainment industry,” the letter further reads.

The artiste’s lawyer further stated that any delay in decision-making by the DPP’s office will further confine their client to the constraints of the stated assumptions and allegations.

The delay in the discharge of the DPP’s responsibilities has fueled speculations, as acknowledged by Faxto’s legal team. The musician’s legal team is of the view that any further delays may solidify these perceptions.

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In light of these developments, Faxto’s team has urged the DPP to address the matter promptly to prevent the consolidation of such negative perceptions and ensure a fair and timely resolution.

Concerns regarding the case have lately been raised by the late Jeff’s parents. Ann Mwathi, the mother of the deceased, recently expressed disappointment and loss of hope in finding justice for her son who died in February 2023 after falling from the 12th floor of an apartment where DJ Fatxo lives.

In an interview with Nairobi News, Ms Mwathi said she met with detectives investigating her son’s unexplained death for five hours on Wednesday, May 4, 2023. Despite the lengthy meeting, the mother said she is not optimistic about the outcome and does not believe justice will be served.

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