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Ex-President Kenyatta’s first public appearance after family land invasion

After a week of silence, the immediate former President of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta, has made his first public appearance.

The retired Head of State attended a church service at St Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Nyali, Mombasa County, on Sunday, April 9, 2023.

Accompanied by his wife Margaret, Mr. Kenyatta was dressed in a white shirt and seated in the midst of the congregation as the mass went on.

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The public appearance comes days after goons attacked their family land on March 29, 2023.

The vast property, located in Kamakis Area along the Eastern Bypass in Kiambu County, was invaded by an armed group who demanded a share.

Individuals who invaded part of the Kenyatta family-owned Northlands City and stole livestock on Monday, March 27, 2023. The invaders forced their way into Northlands through a fence in the Kamakis area along the Eastern Bypass. PHOTO DENNIS ONSONGO

The group, chanting “Mau Mau” slogans, could be heard saying they too, are Kenyans and deserve to own land just like the Kenyatta family.

Reporters who went to cover the saga were also attacked by dozens of people who had already entered the property, most of whom were armed with crude weapons.

Despite the chaos and violence, nobody has been arrested in connection to the raid, and police officers were standing from a distance, helplessly watching the goons cause terror on the land.

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The Independent Policing Oversight Authority (Ipoa) has launched investigations into the alleged failure of the police to protect properties owned by Mr. Kenyatta and Mr. Odinga.

In a statement, IPOA boss Anne Makori said there was a possibility that police failed to execute their duties as stipulated by law.

“[IPOA], in the execution of its mandate under Section 6 (c) of its Act, today monitored how the police engaged in public order management in the protests called for by [Azimio] across the country,” Ms Makori said.

Despite the ordeal, Mr. Kenyatta and his wife have maintained a low profile.

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Police from Gatundu were deployed to provide security during opposition leader Raila Odinga’s visit to former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Northlands Farm. PHOTO| NYABOGA KIAGE

His public appearance at the church service could be interpreted as a message of resilience and hope.

Meanwhile, Kenyans continue to express their disappointment and anger at the goons’ behavior, with many calling for justice to prevail.

The invasion of the Kenyatta family land has also sparked a national conversation on land ownership and distribution, with many questioning why a family that has held power for decades owns so much land.

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