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Forget about Akothee, Esther Akoth is the real me

Kenyan singer-cum-entrepreneur Esther Akoth has spoken about her alter ego Akothee. The artiste has been in the spotlight countless times with her name being on people’s tongues depending on what she is trending about.

Consequently, she has never failed to own her truth and square it out with crude fans. Acknowledging who she is, Akothee was the SI unit of single parenting until she recently got married.

“My mother brought up a simple, loving, innocent and intelligent girl called Esther Akoth Kokeyo. Ile Akothee ni character development nimetwangwa na dunia. Usicopy ile,” Akothee said while advising her fans not to follow her persona.

“Even myself I do not understand her. She hurts me. Makes me lose good friends. Esther Akoth Kokeyo is a sweet person. Akothee achana naye,” she added.


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Akothee, which the artiste coined as her stage name, has become a huge brand. The mother of five has built her wealth from music and entrepreneurship creating a name for herself in Kenya and internationally.

However, her journey to who she is has been one less travelled. She has dared to dream when the odds were stacked against her.

Akothee is an author who has gone back to school to do her undergraduate degree. Being the strong willed woman that she is, Akothee has given her five children the best education and even shared tips on single motherhood.

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During the launch of her book, she paid tribute to her mother whom she said she regrets embarrassing in front of her workmates, colleagues, and the community.

“I ran away from school with all my belongings. I went to get married at 14 years. I was her firstborn intelligent daughter but a stubborn, rebellious child. I was just a music lover and a dancer, nothing more,” she said.

That said, Akothee is loved and hated in equal measure, but she says she lives her truth.

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