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How notorious robber, Axe man, was nabbed after reign of terror in 3 counties

By Nyaboga Kiage September 1st, 2023 2 min read

In a gripping tale of crime and suspense, the reign of terror orchestrated by a suspected robber known as Simon Gitonga, alias “Axe Man,” has ended.

The details of his modus operandi, which left residents of Kiambu, Nairobi, and Murang’a counties in fear, have now been unveiled.

Intensive investigations carried out by dedicated police officers, detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), and even the victims themselves have shed light on the chilling tactics employed by Gitonga.

The 54-year-old suspect, known for his audacious approach, reportedly carried an axe and a bottle of petrol as he terrorized neighborhoods.

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The curtain fell on Gitonga’s criminal activities on Thursday, August 31, 2023, when a multi-agency team comprising elite Crime Research and Intelligence Bureau sleuths and DCI detectives from Imenti North Sub-County and Murang’a County successfully apprehended him.

Capturing the elusive criminal proved to be a formidable challenge, given his lack of a mobile phone, which rendered traditional tracking methods ineffective.

“It was really difficult to nab him because he does not even have a mobile phone that one can use to call him. If you needed him, all you do is look for him physically,” explained Mr. Gitonga.

Upon his arrest, a sharpened machete was discovered in his possession, serving as crucial evidence in the case against him.

Shockingly, it was revealed that Gitonga was walking around with an active warrant for his arrest, highlighting the extent of his audacity and disregard for the law.

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Court records further unveiled Gitonga’s history of run-ins with the law. Just weeks before his capture, he had been arrested in connection with another robbery case on August 18, 2023.

After being released on bail, he failed to appear in Thika Law Court to face the charges, further cementing his reputation as a daring criminal.

In his most recent spree of criminal activities, Gitonga targeted houses within Nairobi’s Kiharu Constituency.

His brazen approach involved breaking into homes and demanding money and valuables, often brandishing his axe and petrol bottle to instill fear.

According to Ms Mercy Muthoni, one of his victims, Gitonga would threaten to set the house ablaze if his demands were not met.

Ms Muthoni recounted an incident where she surrendered her mobile phone and money to the suspect, but even this did not satisfy his insatiable greed.

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