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Kenyan woman on TikTok shreds mistresses for ruining lives of mubabaz’ families

By Winnie Mabel December 5th, 2022 3 min read

Long ago in the ancient times of not later than 2007, stepping out on a spouse was a taboo. And if one stepped out, you would never hear about it until the day the person is being buried and some woman insists on her and her tots being recognized as ‘mwendazake’s ‘second wife or whichever number she finds herself in.

But today, circa 2018 onwards, it is a glorified phenomenon. A point to be boasted about on social media that you have a wife holding down the fort somewhere while the man chases skirts across the country in the name of attending the Motor Cross, running the Lewa Marathon and so forth.

Now, women are actively seeking out married men (often much older) aka mubabaz for boyfriends – or as sources of cash. They care not if these men have wives or several children, as long as at the end of the day, they are enjoying the soft life.

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Well, one lass on Tik Tok who calls herself The Alpha Hood hopped onto the platform and raved about how these women are ruining the lives of the mubabaz’ children and condemning their wives to misery.

“Ladies, let me tell you something. As a kid who has been brought up in a polygamous family by a man – yes, you know what I’m talking about. The kids get more affected than the wife. When they cannot get attention from their dad or anything, the kids suffer more, ok? So, every time you tell women that you realized a certain guy – not realizing, you know you’re dating a married man to an extent you are even visiting their family homes. You come to hang out and live in the house where he is raising his children just because the wife is in upcountry,” The Alpha Hood began her rant.

“Let me tell you a time will come, and you should pray to God that the time doesn’t find you alive, that you die first before you become the ones on the receiving end because God will heal those souls, God will heal that woman, He will give her strength and she will leave that house to you.

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“That house where that man is bringing you, that house where you are accepting to come and fornicate with him as you claim that his wife does not know how to clean it, she doesn’t know how to scrub her pots or make the beds, you’re angry that she has blue bed sheets and demand that you are bought for white ones so that you can spread them on the bed, that bed where that woman lay as she nursed her babies, the bed from where she conceived her babies and gave birth- you women! I pray that you all die before your day of reckoning comes.

“May God help you; you just die because its only death that can save you because me I know nature has a way of punishing us for our sins. And when your time comes, I just hope you will sit down and enjoy, and swallow the pills you were serving the other woman. God will give that woman grace and she will rise up, take her children and leave- she will leave that man to you. I hope when the time comes, you will enjoy. You people like singing that we hold men accountable but you woman are supposed to misbehave and do other women wrong?

“You are content that she would even take her own life as long as you are with the man you want to be with? You are okay with her taking pressure medication because she cannot fight or attack you because she doesn’t have the ability or the money that is required for her to move out of that house. God help you die before the time comes for you to pay for your sins,” she concluded.

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