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Suleiman Shahbal’s wife reveals special relationship with Akothee

Rahma Shahbal, the wife to East Africa Legislative Assembly Member of Parliament Suleiman Shahbal, revealed the special nature of her relationship with Kenyan musician Esther Akoth, alias Akothee.

Speaking to SPM Buzz on April 10, 2023, upon their arrival at Akothee and Denis Schweizer, alias Mr Omosh’s, wedding venue at the Windsor Golf and Country Club, Mrs Shahbal revealed that she knew Akothee before the fame and they considered each other sister due to the life journeys they have been on together.

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“To me, Akothee is my younger sister. I’ve known Akothee before she was a superstar, we walked the journey together, I was always a shoulder behind the scenes and I’m here to celebrate her. And I wish her all the best,” began Mrs Shahbal.

She also said that she intended to gift Akothee with something she would want if she did not get what she wanted from her invited guests. Rahma said she would go according to Akothee’s choice.

“I don’t want to just bring anything. Me and her sisters so we have that bond to be able to say what she didn’t get and what she really wants from me then I’ll represent her,” added Mrs Shahabal.

For her wedding message to Akothee, Rahma Shahbal said, “Without me telling her anything, she knows I will be at the forefront of her friends arriving to be with her, she can depend on me to be there for her among the first ones. So without any message, she knows I am here for her and will always be leading the pack.”

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Akothee’s life and livelihood before the fame can be traced back to Mombasa County (where the Shahbals are a big sociopolitical name and could have befriended Rahma Shahbal).

Following the end of her first marriage, after he cheated on her, she joined her brother in Mombasa, and they partnered in driving a taxi to make ends meet. From this, Akothee took care of her first four children. It was while running this taxi business that she was able to meet benefactors who changed her life.

During this time, with the support of an unnamed foreign man with whom they planned to tie the knot, she was able to expand the taxi business, and begin a travel and tours company and a night club in Shanzu. They later relocated to Switzerland, and when Akothee realized the marriage promise would not be fulfilled, she returned to Kenya while nine months pregnant with her fifth child.

She returned to Kenya, focused on her music and rebuilding her wealth, and settling her kids. Today, she is one of the wealthiest female musicians in Kenya. She owns mansions in Mombasa, Nairobi and Migori Counties.

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