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Why KOT have nicknamed Charlene Ruto, Ivanka after Trump’s daughter

Ivana Marie “Ivanka” Trump, the daughter of former US President Donald Trump, was in the limelight during her father’s leadership.

Ivanka, the first daughter of the 45th US President, was an executive vice president of the family-owned Trump Organization and served as a boardroom judge on her father’s TV show. In March 2017, she became a senior adviser to her father’s presidential administration.

At one point, her involvement in the government’s business raised ethical concerns, mostly after accessing classified material when she was not a federal employee.

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She was always busy, hardly missing the headlines in the US and other countries, yet she was without a portfolio.

Kenyans on Twitter have drawn a parallel between Ivanka and Kenya’s first daughter, Charlene Ruto.

Charlene’s recent aggressive approach to social media reporting has made Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) give her the title Quickmart Ivanka.

Before President William Ruto took over as head of state, Charlene was the PR person at the Weston Hotel, which belonged to her father.

Charlene Ruto on one of the much publicised tours
Charlene Ruto on one of the much publicised tours

She could hardly be seen in public places and was not even closer to campaigns as her father sought support from Kenyans to back his State House bid.

However, immediately after President Ruto was inaugurated, Charlene Ruto’s name cropped up and suddenly dominated the headlines in the country, the Ivanka way.

Recently, she went shopping at Quickmart Supermarket and posted on her social media accounts, attracting varying reactions from Kenyans.

“Fresh and easy does it? We move regardless (Emoji of smiling face). Where are we popping up next?” Charlene posted.

This was seen by Kenyans as a way of promoting locally owned businesses, though they said that she was borrowing her strategy from Ivanka’s book, which eventually did not work well for her.

Charlene is not a holder of any office in the government of President Ruto, but she has been traversing the counties and the continent, meeting several leaders, her latest trip being to Morocco.

Upon landing in the country, Charlene started traveling to counties meeting governors, which kept Kenyans talking and guessing her moves even as they questioned her portfolio.

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Here are some reactions from KOT.

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