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Amber Ray and Vera Sidika’s beef escalates after her baby shower

Socialite Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo’s recent baby shower has once again brought the ongoing rivalry between Amber and fellow socialite Vera Sidika to the forefront.

While Amber managed to keep the decor of the event a secret, only revealing it on her YouTube channel on 2 May, she took to her Instagram stories to take a swipe at Vera.

Amber posted a comment praising her event planner and reminding her nemesis that the baby shower decor was not copied from any source.

Although the comment has since been deleted, it has sparked conversations on social media, with many people weighing in on the rivalry between the two socialites.

“Say goodbye to mediocrity and join the pros. The decorations for my baby shower were not copied from any sanduku. Too expensive for any came tie events that define excellence. While excellence is my second name, this surpassed it. Caption from my knight Mr Ken who has real confidence and always has my back and when he washes I’m cleaned. So don’t be jealous, get a man who can wash hata kama ni nguo,” Amber wrote.

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It is clear that the rivalry between Amber and Vera continues to capture the attention of their fans and followers, with each event or comment adding fuel to the fire.

The rivalry between Vera Sidika and Amber Ray reached a new level when they both held gender reveal parties.

At the time, Vera claimed that Amber had copied every single aspect of her gender reveal, and they both went after each other online, drawing strong reactions from their respective fanbases.

Everything from the helicopter and billboard to the invitation cards were too similar for Vera to dismiss as mere coincidence.

Vera called out Amber for doing almost 90 per cent of the same things she did, and even accused her of trying to post her party first to make it look like Vera was copying her.

The exchange caused quite a stir on social media, with fans taking sides and adding fuel to an already blazing fire.

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