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Exclusive: Tiktoker Truthwatchdog explains why he exposes Nairobi criminals

By Kevin Cheruiyot September 19th, 2022 3 min read

Popular Tiktoker Antony Macloud Mulla known by his online moniker Truthwatchdog2 has made waves by exposing Nairobi criminals.

Armed only with his cellphone, grit and courage, Truthwatchdog goes to the underbelly of Nairobi’s crime-infested hoods to expose their tactics.

Unlike the majority of the content creators who prefer showcasing their dancing styles, singing, cooking, mimicking sounds, doing comedy or giving advice to their followers, Truthwatchdog, chose this dangerous genre of investigation to garner loyal online followers.

The 32-year-old man has been exposing corruption and fraudsters in Nairobi, and some police officers have not been spared.


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In an exclusive interview with the Nairobi News, the masculine-bodied ex-serviceman said that the number of wrongdoings in the society is overwhelming and no one is taking action, not even the people who should be in charge.

“We have gotten used to hearing a lot of lies all over, and no one is willing to speak about it. It reached a point where I told myself that somebody needs to be asked questions.

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But then, I reached a point where we ask questions but we don’t get the solutions. When this nonsense gets to this point, we are being pushed to the walls and we have to retaliate by saying enough is enough.

I called myself Truthwachdog because it seems I’m the only one who is remaining willing to tell the truth. I see it, I perceive it, understand, interpret and convey it the way it is,” Truthwatchdog said.

Watch the full interview below.

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He said that the route that he chose is not a smooth path, and is not for the faint-hearted.

The Tiktoker said that while on his duty to expose the corrupt in his residential area, he found himself in the cross hairs with law enforcement, which saw him being questioned by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

He said that he exposed two big companies in the country that were defrauding innocent customers.

“They invited me for a conversation but when I presented myself, they told me that I went beyond my duty…I asked them to either arrest me or kill me because I didn’t have much time to waste. They realized that I was not a common man to them. I’m still doing the videos and I told them that I can only be threatened or stopped by death.”

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Popular Tiktoker Antony Macloud Mulla a.k.a Truthwatchdog2
Popular Tiktoker Antony Macloud Mulla a.k.a Truthwatchdog2

The ex-army man said that he is fully armed with military training and doesn’t carry any weapon during his investigations.

He told Nairobi News that in his daily routine to expose the corruption, and evils in society, he comes face to face with life-threatening circumstances but easily navigates through since he is familiar with the criminals’ tactics.

“Our generation has been messed up. If you continue keeping silent and watching, what about our children…I would waste one life to save the forthcoming generation, we always have the price to pay.

So, I don’t fear for my life and I don’t have backup security. Our only security is God. My other security is my hands, I can defend myself with my fists. They are my personal weapons.”

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