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Karen Nyamu reacts to Samidoh’s heartfelt apology to his wife

Nominated senator Karen Nyamu has broken her silence regarding the recent release of a heartfelt song by popular musician Samidoh, in which he directly seeks an apology from his estranged wife, Edday Nderitu.

The song, titled Wendo Witu (Our Love), has captured the attention of fans and critics alike.

The father of five has seemingly poured his heart out in this emotional musical endeavor, extending a sincere plea for reconciliation with his wife.

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Collaborating with singer Joyce Wa Mama, Samidoh addresses his mistakes and missteps in their relationship, laying bare his regrets and desire to mend the fractured bond.

While promoting the song, Joyce Wa Mama took to her Facebook account to share some profound relationship advice.

“Don’t date to marry, date to be happy and if happiness turns into marriage, you will have gotten exactly what you deserve…” she wrote.

Joyce’s subsequent post struck an emotional chord with Karen Nyamu.

Joyce wrote, “Unataka peaceful relationship na mlikutana kwa maandamano … Samidoh wendo witu umite kuraya. (You want a peaceful relationship, yet you met during protests … Samidoh, our love came from far.)”

Karen Nyamu swiftly responded to this post, teasing Joyce Wa Mama, she wrote, “Your love came from far but it has reached the end. Alight.”

In yet another post, she asked: “Polygamy bado mnaona mkiepuka? Lol. (Do you still see polygamy as something to avoid?)”

Edday Nderitu’s departure from the relationship and relocation to the US with her three children was fueled by Samidoh’s association with Karen Nyamu.

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The song Wendo Witu addresses Samidoh’s regrets and reflects his intent to change and seek forgiveness for his actions.

The song’s lyrics underline Samidoh’s role in the separation, expressing sadness over the dissolution of plans that were once shared.

He earnestly pleads for Edday’s forgiveness, acknowledging his past mistakes and proclaiming his willingness to make amends.

“Those mistakes that I did and you dumped me, I know I am the one who brought issues but when a thief apologizes, he is forgiven, my darling,” he sings.

Samidoh continues his heartfelt plea in the music lyrics by reflecting on the promises he made to Edday’s parents, emphasizing his commitment to being her protector and partner.

“You know very well I took you from your parents and promised them that I would forever take care of you. I am requesting you to come back so we can raise our children,” Samidoh sings.

The song’s release has stirred a range of reactions among fans, with some commending Samidoh for acknowledging his mistakes and taking the first steps toward healing and reconciliation.

Some of his fans have also called the artiste out for taking advantage of the situation to get clout for his new release and make money in the process.

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