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Men’s Conference to elect new chairman

By Stanley Kimuge February 14th, 2023 1 min read

Will the Men’s Conference finally get a new chairman? Well, the organizers of this year’s event have revealed that the election of a new chairperson will be on the cards.

Albert Kochei, one of the conveners of the conference, told Nairobi News on phone that they will use the forum to elect a new chairperson.

However, he declined to reveal the names of those possible chairpersons, only saying that the man to steer the conference will be known during the meeting.

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Mr Kochei further explained that they will use the event to celebrate the life and times of the pioneer Men Conference chairman Mzee Jackson Kibor. Mr Kibor died in March last year.

In 2019, Mzee Kibor drew national attention after addressing the first Men’s Conference in Eldoret town on Valentine’s Day. The businessman-cum- farmer had earlier on made been on the headlines over property rows with his wives and children.

Meanwhile, Mr Kochei has said that this year’s conference will be streamed online. He explained that they will use the forum to highlight the plight of the boychild, raising cases of divorce and other contemporary issues facing men.

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The platform will also be used to deliberate the issue of LGBTQ.

“We will also use the event to discuss LGBTQ issues and how to ensure that we help maintain strong moral and religious values. We have activated our networks across the country and expect a great turnout,” Kochei said.

Mr Kochei also explained that young men will be mentored by other successful men in the country.

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