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Nkatha: Kenyan lawyer ignites KOT after shaming intern for using a taxi to deliver documents

By Winnie Mabel October 12th, 2022 3 min read

A Kenyan lawyer by the name of Nkatha ignited Kenyans on Twitter after shaming one of their interns for using a cab within the Nairobi Central Business District to deliver documents between two buildings.

“We sent our office intern/pupil to serve some documents to our corporate client within the town and she opted to use an Uber. AN UBER GUYS.” Nkatha posted on October 11, 2022.

Her disbelief in the intern’s ‘audacity’ was met with an array of reactions from Kenyans who are infamous on Twitter for taking their targets down when rubbed the wrong way. She has been trending for the better part of the day with over 10,000 mentions.

“Imagine walking from Anniversary towers to KRA because it’s “within town”. Lol! If the distance is more than 100m she has every right to take an Uber.” Eric Njiru responded.

“An “intern” used an Uber to deliver “company documents” & a whole human came to scream on Twitter? I think it is pathetic to treat interns as people who can work without pay & don’t deserve fare to do your work.

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“We scream about Saudi Arabia, but we have our own brutal ‘Arabs’ said Juma G.

“Nkatha checking the temperature of an intern’s ears to ascertain they didn’t use a nduthi to visit clients,” added Coffee Anan.

That Nkatha tweet might be hiding the fact that the pupil was probably sent with bulky documents and given a very slim timeframe to serve.

She either has issues with the pupil or is trying hard to create a toxic working environment for her.” Trevor Omondi added.

“Nkatha later on at the office
“Why did you use Uber instead of just running?” said Jenero.

“This Nkatha Uber drama will end in premium tears, either for Nkatha or the pupil might be terminated. I just hope it won’t be the pupil and she won’t be frustrated when clearing from the firm once she’s done with her pupilage,” said Raud Nixon.

“You attend an interview at Nkatha’s firm in bata ngomas (rubber shoes), you are as good as hired,” Randy Noah opined.

Others opined that Nkatha really needed marathon great Eliud Kipchoge as her intern while some called on her to provide her next interns with a black mamba bicycle so that they could work peacefully for her.

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More tweeps mentioned that Nkatha’s interns needed witches brooms to move speedily so that they wouldn’t be reported to superiors for using an Uber for what can be termed walking distance.

Another woman, Wairimu Njuguna, with inside knowledge of what brought Nkatha to Twitter said the intern in question was caught off guard by Nkatha’s tweeting.

“What your favourite Twitter advocate failed to mention is that: the pupil walked from the firm to the place of service, she was carrying a bundle of documents to serve and had to pick more, and she was rushing back to the office to finish submissions that were due by close of business,” Wairimu said in part.

Wairimu further said that it was 3 pm and the female intern still had to go and finish the submissions, adding that the Uber had cost only Sh 290.

“She just saw the tweets this morning and was caught off guard. Honestly, it was all uncalled for,” concluded Wairimu.

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