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Songbird Nyota Ndogo descends into tears after fans conned her

Kenyan songstress Nyota Ndogo, born Mwanaisha Abdalla, took to social media in late December 2022 to reveal how her fans had scammed her.

In the post, where her voice faltered between anger and grief, she called out 8 unnamed people who used her rental property and then refused to pay their bills.

“You who call yourselves my fans. You saw my Airbnb on Instagram and Facebook. You, who were travelling to Mombasa and preferred to sleep in Voi, came to my hotel and said you heard Nyota Ndogo has Airbnbs, which she has been advertising. I pay for the electricity and water. I pay for the Wi-Fi and the housekeeper at the Airbnb.

You come with your family- eight people and you say you are my fans. Are you really my fans? You come, you use the gas, electricity and water in the three bedrooms. You are provided with a housekeeper who must clean the house every morning, and you leave without paying?

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“Without paying for Airbnb, you leave and then switch off your phones! And then you lie to the housekeeper that you have paid Nyota Ndogo. When did you pay me? Do you really have my number when there is a business number? God will curse you.

“What I am begging is, that I am the last person you people scam. Wherever you are going, go to a place where I am not there or don’t know. May you be beaten. I pray you are really beaten up until Kenyans know who you are. I am really praying you are beaten up.

“If you don’t stop renting AirBnbs, sleep there and run away without paying the bills, I pray you are really beaten up. I pray you are beaten until you toe the line because what you are doing is not good.  It is not good at all what you are doing,” said Nyota Ndogo before she began crying painfully in the video.

She also revealed that among the eight, there were small children.

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Kenyans sympathized with her in the comment section as sampled by Nairobi News below:

“God is the avenger for the weak. That’s robbery and a sin too,” said  Kimani Sir James.

“Always ask for the money before anyone enters your Airbnb to sleep,” advised Philip Wandela Mwakimu.

“The problem, my dear is that you like believing in people. In this world, not everyone is good. Others are bad. For some people, making others become poor is their goal in life and to take them back,” said Chuuchuu Deewan.

“Stop calling everyone your fans. This is how they’ll scam you. Not everyone has their best interests at heart. Be very careful because you trust people too much and look now? But learn from it mama,” added Sue Hammond.

Many wondered how she was operating her Airbnb because the standard practice is that clients pay first before occupying the space.

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