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Top Kenyan TikTokers share their secrets on how to grow your account

Have you ever wondered why the number of those who consume your content on TikTok does not grow as much as you would like?

Nairobi News got to hang out with Nameless-born David Mathenge, Dennis Ombachi, aka Roaming Chef, and Arap Uria, who shared various tips on how they grew their TikTok account from scratch.

Like any other Kenyan, the three struggled to reach where they are at the moment.

Nameless, Dennis Ombachi and Arap Uria.
Nameless, Dennis Ombachi and Arap Uria. PHOTO| COURTESY

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Reaching a million likes is not a walk in the park, just as Dennis Ombachi revealed.

“The going might be tough. There are those just waiting to criticize your video. But this does not mean you give up because there are a million ways to crack through this,” revealed Ombachi.

According to the three, here are the tips they used to break the ceiling and become popular on TikTok:


According to Nameless, he used collaboration to break forth on TikTok. The renowned artist explains that working together with others makes work easier.

“When you really want to grow your account on TikTok, collaborate with those who have gone ahead of you. Don’t be a lone ranger who wants to do it alone. Ensure you have a team that will also push you forward towards reaching where you want to,” said Nameless.

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Trending Content and Hashtags

Kenyans are looking for what is trending.  To avoid being out of place, you must create content that aligns with what is trending.

Being current puts you ahead of others. Users on this platform will seek content under trending hashtags that can help introduce your brand to a new audience.

Leveraging existing trends can expand your creativity and tap into the content you already know successfully draws in viewers.

This will help you grow your account very fast.

“I was not keen on following the #Trending. My contents were not aligning to this and this made me struggle a bit. But when I started aligning my content to the trending events, I cracked it,” revealed Nameless.

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Identify Your Target Audience

Do you know your target audience on TikTok? I bet you need to know your targeted audience.

The three revealed that before they found their niche, they struggled.

“My first contents were not so appealing to Kenyans followers. But then I began with home then attracted other followers. I began making home recipes. This amused my followers, pushing me to more than a million views,” revealed Ombachi.

Knowing your audience saves you the struggling energy.

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Create and Participate in Challenges

When you are up-to-date, you can unleash content that will appeal to your viewers. Participating in TikTok challenges also makes one grow their accounts.

“People always want to see your version. As others post how they do it, you also have to show your version of it. Amuse your followers by that crazy dancing style. Show them you can also do it,” said Arap Uria.

Educate Your Followers

As you thrive on TikTok, ensure that your contents are educational. Apart from people looking for entertainment, they also want to learn something.

“Your videos must be educational. Teach them something new. Teach them a new fish recipe,” said Ombachi.

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