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Why married men don’t leave their wives for side chics

Did he promise you he would leave his wife for you? Oh dear! You’re in for a big surprise. Married men NEVER leave their wives for their side chics.

Maybe for some other unknown reason, but not for their sidechics. Sidechics are simply placeholders with no real power.

Men who cheat on their wives often sweet-talk their side chics with empty promises just so they can get away with what they want.

Nothing but pleasure and fun experiences that are free of responsibilities. They’ll tell their side chics exactly what they want to hear if it means he gets to nut before getting home, including the lie that he will leave his wife for her.

Most times, they never really want to leave their wives. Most men who cheat on their wives are always just on the hunt for the sexual thrill. The thrill of the chase keeps them excited. To them, it’s not that serious.

Men recognize the high standing they have in society when they are married and they usually do not want to lose out on that.

Most times, cheating men are respected members of society’s institutions like churches, mosques, companies, etc.

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So they don’t want to leave their wives to be with the side chick, mistress, or sugar girl because of what society would say. Their reputation comes first.

Then again, why would a man leave his wife if she’s openly acknowledging his behaviour? There is a general statement that “all men cheat” and many wives tend to also say “It’s fine if he cheats so long as he respects me enough to keep it away from me,”.

With these, women have given men the go-ahead to cheat as they want. It appears that there is an expected level of standard of faithfulness and wives allow their men to roam and they later come back to the forgiving arms of their wives. So why would he leave in the first place? For a side piece? I think not.

Married men love their wives

It is confusing how someone would love his wife and still cheat on her but it does seem to happen more often than it should.

People who claim to love their wives have been known to have side chics despite being a devoted husband.

Many times, for this kind of man, the side chic is just all fun and games and he must have already compartmentalized his mind to keep it that way forever.

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How about the kids?

Convincing a married man with no kids to leave his wife is hard enough. Now imagine convincing a married man with kids to leave his wife.

That’s literally telling him to abandon his family, and no sane man would do that.

Especially for a woman who was just meant to be a “toy”. Married men don’t leave their wives for side chics because they want their children to grow in a ‘functional’ home as a ‘complete’ and ‘united’ family.

Lastly, why disturb a formula that works?

If you have been giving him sex without commitment all along, allowing him the benefit of your luscious body before he returns to his family at night, why would he suddenly want to change that?

No one changes a working formula. A cheating man would always want to continue enjoying the best of both worlds. Why disrupt that?

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