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CS Ababu Namwamba hints at offering job to NYS youth who wiped his shoes

A viral video of a National Youth Service (NYS) cohort who was wiping the shoes of the Sports Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba went viral on Monday.

The incident happened during the handover of NYS services back to the Ministry of Youth Affairs, Sports and Arts from the Ministry of Public Service.

During the ceremony, when the CS was making his address, NYS Private Dickson Loyerer was seen wiping the CS’s shoes, and when the CS attempted to stop him, he was told that it was part of the discipline that they are being taken through in their course work.

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However, the young serviceman could soon be smiling as the CS hinted at offering him a job at his office.

On Tuesday, hours after the members of the public criticized the move, the CS invited Mr Loyerer to his office, where he served him a cup of tea as they engage in conversation.

The CS said that he would consult with the NYS Director General Matilda Sakwa to bring Mr Loyerer to be part of the government workers in his office.

“I want you to come to work with me here, you are an NYS officer, and I will ask the DG Matilda to allow you to work with me.”

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Mr Loyerer said that during the parade, he realized that there was some dust in the CS’s shoes, hence, the move to wipe it out.

“Niliona kuna uchafu kwa kiatu nikaamua ni lazima nitoe (I saw that there was dust in your shoe, and I saw it fit that it must be wiped off),” Mr Loyerer said.

He went on to state that it’s their role to ensure that the place where they stay is clean.

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Mr Loyerer added they are being taught to even tidy up their senior of bosses in the event that there is a need to do so that he/she will not be embarrassed outside there.

“In case mkubwa amevaa vibaya, tunarekebisha hadi apendeke ndio akiende mahali asionekane kuwa amevaa vibaya (In case we see any issue with the boss’s outfit, we fix it for him so that when he steps out  he is as regal as he should look).”

The two had a good time together, sharing jokes and laughing together in the office, an opportunity that Mr Loyerer had not seen coming.

“You are now my expert consultant,” the CS told Mr Loyerer after fixing his tie.

The CS also lauded the management of NYS for not only teaching the youth skills but for instilling discipline in them.

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