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Intimate details of Jackie Matubia and Blessing Lungaho’s love life

Celebrated actress Jackie Matubia has, in a recent interview, discussed the truth about intimacy in a marriage, including some of the things people don’t know about relationships.

The actress got candid in a new podcast where she spoke to a guest identified as Frank, saying that physical intimacy in a marriage is not as many people make it out to be.

Matubia disclosed that in as much as it’s important, it is not the glue that holds together a marriage.

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Blessing Lung’aho with his wife Jackie Matubia at their engagement. PHOTO: Winnie Mabel

Speaking about what causes couples to go a while without engaging in physical intimacy, Matubia said;

“Because you guys come home when you are tired. We women also come home tukiwa tumebeat. You know people think ati when your married ni kila siku kila saa. Ooh. I am just letting you know, you can even go two months without. Welcome to marriage.”

She went on to state that the reason for such issues is not because the couple has marital problems, rather responsibilities have taken quite a toll on them.

“Na hamja kosana by the way its not, people think that when married is all about physical intimacy. By the way, I’m being very serious. People think marriage is physical intimacy daily kila siku kama dawa, but let me tell you it’s not the case,” she said.

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Actor Blessing Lung’aho and his wife Jackie Matubia. PHOTO: COURTESY

Matubia continued, “When children arrive it’s worse, ata si months utapiga bro, it’s true.”

Frank then told the actress that it was impossible for a man to last a month without physical intimacy, and Matubia was quick to respond in agreement saying, “There is no way a man will last one month, hiyo ni uongo.”

Matubia, who is engaged to actor Blessing Lung’aho aka Madiba reiterated that in a marriage, spouses sometimes don’t get along but it does not mean that the flame between them is dying down. 

“Its you go to work, and come back home. It’s not everyday by the way ask him. Ask any married man, he will tell you. Watu hukosana, not because they’re falling out of love, it is just life.”

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Blessing looking like a blessing in his dapper suit. PHOTO | COURTESY

As part of the discussion, Matubia and Frank talked about independent women vs. housewives and delved into issues involving work/life balance.

“I am working to help my spouse give the best that we can. In this generation, at this particular point, we have to do 50/50. The world is tough and I also have dreams as much as you have dreams and I can’t stop my dream because you want someone to stay at home,” she started.

Speaking about how marriage is spiced up, the mother of two cited the sweetness of it being able to gossip with your man.

“Like yesterday nilikuwa na moshene and I could not tell him over the phone. So I waited for him to come shower, sit in bed and I’m like, ‘babe you know’, kunakuwanga na hiyo excitement unampatia unampatia moshene.”

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Jackie Matubia and Blessing Lung’aho pose with their newborn child. PHOTO” COURTESY

Frank then asked why she preferred moshene over physical intimacy she explained, “Imagine it’s sweeter. Nampatia moshene then we are like goodnight, goodnight , you turn you sleep analala.”

She said she got married because she wanted to spend the rest of her life with her best friend.

“I got married because I wanted to spend the rest of my life with my best friend. I’m not saying the physical intimacy isn’t amazing though.”

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