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Katoo ole Metito: Ruto surprised me with the government appointment

Former Kajiado South Member of Parliament Katoo ole Metito has said that despite having a conversation with President William Ruto at the State House, he was not sure what the President had in store for him.

Speaking during an event in Kajiado, the former legislator said that during the announcement of the President’s new team at the State House, he was pleasantly surprised to hear that he was appointed as the State House Comptroller.

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Mr. Metito is now the man who will manage the State House.

“I told him that I’m ready to serve in any capacity that you’ll tell me. He stood and walked away to another room for a meeting and I left.

He only told me that he will make arrangements for us to manage the country but I wondered, to manage what yet I’m just a common citizen…he then left for another meeting and I left,” Mr. Metito said.

Mr. Metito said he even asked the President if he could apply for the advertised jobs by the Public Service Commission, but the President told him not to apply.

“Later in the evening at 4pm, we got the good news. I assure you, I didn’t expect it.”

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Also, he said that the only thing he was very sure of was that those who worked with the President during the campaigns would be left out.

He lost his first attempt at becoming the governor of Kajiado County in the just concluded election, where he ran on President Ruto’s United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party.

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Joseph Ole Lenku, serving his second term, won the governor’s seat.

That was the highest seat the former legislator was eyeing in his political journey.

Now, as the State House Comptroller, Mr. Metito will now be controlling who will see the President at what time.

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