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Pay the bet, SportPesa CEO tells President Ruto on World Cup bet with wife

By Winnie Mabel December 19th, 2022 2 min read

Captain Ronald Karauri, the Chief Executive Officer of giant betting firm SportPesa, took to social media on December 19, 2022, to advise Kenya’s President William Samoei Ruto on a World Cup 2022 bet he had made with his wife, Mama Rachel Ruto, and their children.

“Supporting the African team in the world Cup finals. Good luck Rachel and kids as you support the other side. Remember to pay the bet!! Either way, expecting fine football.” President Ruto tweeted prior to the kickoff.

According to a post-game social media post by President Ruto, he sought to know what the rules of engagement are regarding a bet made over a 90-minute game that got extended to another 30 minutes before it ended in a penalty shootout. President Ruto had been supporting France, the defending champions while his wife and children supported Argentina, the 2022 World Cup champions.

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“Hustler Fund wamenikataza siwezi lipa bet nayo, wanasema ni pesa ya hustle. Isorait. Kwangu hakukaliki. Lady #1 na watoi ni pressure. Wale kuku zangu wataniokoa nilipe. Lakini naulizaje? Bet huishanga na 90 min ama xtra time huhesabiwa? Even penalty shootouts? Kuuliza tu?

(Hustler Fund has told me I cannot pay for losing the bet using their money, it belongs to hustlers. It’s ok. My, I have no peace in my house. Lady #1 and the children are pressuring me. My chicken will come through for me and I will pay the debt. But let me ask, does a bet end at 90 minutes or is the extra time factored in as well? Even penalty shootouts? Just asking?” tweeted President Ruto as he insinuated that he will sell his chicken to pay the debt.

As Kenyans sought to advise him on how to proceed, Captain Karauri, who is also a first-time Member of Parliament for Kasarani and a gaming guru, chimed in and told the President to just pay up for losing the bet.

“Hiyo game iliisha draw, 3-3. Extra time and penalties don’t count kwa bookmaker. Lakini since hii ilikuwa personal bet, lazima ulipe. (That game ended in a draw, 3-3. Extra time and penalties don’t count with a bookmaker. But since this was a personal bet, you must pay),” laughed Captain Karauri.

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Argentina beat France 4-2 on post-match penalties after the two teams tied 2-2 after 90 minutes, and 3-3 after extra time.  Ruto asked Kenyans if he should pay the bet considering the match ended 2-2 at the full time before the penalties.

Betting is a big phenomenon in Kenya and SportPesa is among the biggest gaming firms in Kenya, having paid the biggest bonus in the country’s history of about Sh 230 million to a winner.

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