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Watch: Magix Enga filmed in a deplorable state, battles drug addiction

By Sinda Matiko December 19th, 2022 2 min read

It is getting out of hand if it hasn’t already. The current situation of once-famous music producer Magix Enga isn’t one to behold with a smile.

In undated footage obtained by Nairobi News believed to be very recent, the Watoto na Pombe hit producer appears to be in a deplorable state, depressed and broke.

In the video captured at the Coast, an unkempt Magix is seen seated on a trunk of a tree as he plots his next move. He looks disoriented and demure.

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A man is seen handing him French fries in a colourless plastic paper bag. He asks the frail barefoot producer what has occasioned his miserable state, to which he answers “Hakuna shida.”

But clearly, there is a problem with Enga who a few months ago confessed to battling drug addiction.

In October, in an interview with YouTuber Eve Mungai, Enga revealed he had been on a journey of transformation which began with him shaving his signature dreadlocks to quitting substance abuse.

In the interview, where he accused singers Otile Brown and Arrowboy, of abandoning him in his hour of need, said his move to cut off his locks and quit drugs was a step to starting a new life and inspiring the young ones who look up to him.

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Producer Magix Enga
Producer Magix Enga photographed looking unkempt in Mombasa

From the now-viral clip, nothing in his state is inspiring but rather heartbreaking. A rising star producer who was once known for his flamboyant mannerism and great future potential has now been reduced to a shadow of himself.

His friends say Enga has also been battling depression since falling from grace.

The fall to the ruins has been attributed to his ugly publicity stunts which he made a habit of staging, while at the peak of his career.

In return, it drove away potential clients who no longer desired to work or be associated with the gifted producer.

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Kenyan music producer Magix Enga. PHOTO | POOL

Enga did confess that his stunts were all about clout-chasing fame. In his confession, he revealed that his life and business prospects turned for the worse when he claimed to be a member of the secret sect, Illuminati. The secret religion is believed to be pegged on the worship of Satan.

The stunt had him steal the showbiz headlines for weeks only for him to come out months later to say that he was just having fun and made the comments while he was under the influence of drugs.

His friends say Enga is in dire need of help with rehabilitation, an indication that he could be still struggling with drug abuse.

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